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About From Buddha to Jesus: An Insider's View of Buddhism & Christianity by Steve Cioccolanti. This book and website are devoted to exploring the Buddhist heart, mindset and culture from a native Christian perspective. Having grown up in a household of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists, and Muslims, all of whom Steve loved, he chose to become a Christian. Steve has lived with and ministered to Buddhists in many nations. The content of the book and website is intended for those who are interested to understand Buddhism the way it is lived among millions of Buddhists whose faith may be imperfect and often syncretic.

We value respectful and redeeming approaches to cross-cultural communication. If you are looking for a debate, we are not a debating club. If you see an error, we are not perfect and welcome polite correction. Reason must be balanced with good manners. Our belief is that it is counter-productive to attack followers of other faiths and Christians should try to understand and see the good in others, without compromising our core beliefs in the Divinity of Jesus Christ, the Inerrancy of God's Word and the Saving Power of the Gospel.

Humans have a weakness of mistrusting the unknown. A businessperson from the West would have to learn some new things before doing business in the East. Likewise a Christian should learn some new things to show how relevant Christ is to those who grew up with other faiths. This is actually not hard to do. There are many Western myths about Buddhism which this book and website will dispel. Likewise there are many secular myths about Christianity that will be disproved. Our desire is to bridge the cultural & religious gaps between East & West, and to build a bridge for a pre-Christian to Christ.

Explore and learn the amazing connections between Buddha's life and Christ's!

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